Temple Of The Heart

by Mind Zoo

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Our first EP, that was recorded within the Kozmos during the February and March of 2017.

Recording and mixing by Goran Kelčec


released March 27, 2017

Toni Ljubić - vocals & guitar
Valentin Herman - guitar
Goran Kelčec - bass guitar
Davor Kamenjarin - drums

Lovre Bilić - guest vocals on Rooms

Recording and mixing: Goran Kelčec
Cover art: Ivona Pupačić
Cover design: Dejan Zobenica

Eternal spirit animal: Brent Hinds



all rights reserved


Mind Zoo Split, Croatia

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Track Name: Borders
I took a look at the road behind
The path I pilgrimed
To find the temple of the heart
A sun that shines and leads me
To the unknown, to the unknown
To the unknown
To the unknown, to the unknown
You are my sun, lead me to the
Lead me to the end

Shadow trail is growing
With light source coming close
This racing horse will cross that line
And never will he look behind
Shadows falling in the bowels of my time
My demons rising with every step
With every step, with every fucking step of mine

The borders to the unknown are just a glitch of the mind
Track Name: Ride
I take with no fear this farewell
For I’m on the path to heaven
And the vengeance on my enemies
Shall lead them straight to hell

I take no promise for granted
The power of respect makes me a man
And to reach an inner peace
Your blood is the only price

Forgiveness is an illusion
Mercy is nothing but a word
Your pain is my salvation
Your suffering is my satisfaction

To reach a peaceful state of mind
One must rule winds of chaos
I will hold my foot on your throat
As you choke on your empty words

Your absolution’s my resolution
You’re a liar, an enemy
Worthless scavenger, preying on corpse
Of every man’s happiness

I’ll take down your wings
I’ll break your bones
I’ll have a taste of your blood
I’ll have my revenge

And I yearn for the sweet taste
As I stand upon your grave
Fear me you pile of ash
And you can run but I’ll never stop

I’ll take you there where no one wants to go
You and I, we’re on a hell of a ride
Track Name: Rooms (ft. Lovre Bilić)
Rooms are stretching the view
We must be here so long
Rooms are losing the floor
Leaves you stuck so deep

Take me, open the door
The air’s weighting me down
My window
Is recycling the hope

I don’t want to sleep
Take me with you when you leave
I wonder why you leave me alone
In this disappearing land
Jesus makes a bowl of sand
And drinks his own toxic forgiveness

I am stranded at sea
No place to bury my feet
Going numb and feeling so cold

She’s my anchor so deep
Grinding down my speed
Sail with me or leave alone

Rooms are stretching
We must be wandering through the dark
Hey, open the door
Come on, take me home

Table, served for two
Table, here is the food
Table, a voice from the room
Table, wanting me to end at the start

Table, would you leave this room
Table, if you knew what you’d find
Table, lost in the loop
Table, you are going blind

Table (and it’s served for two)
Table (here is the food)
Table (a voice from the room)
Table (come on, leave it, now!)

When I (I wither) leave this hope
I will (I will) become you
When I (I wither) leave this hope
I will (I will) become...